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Pumpkins 2.0


This October, CAMufacturing partnered with the CEI at University of Windsor to develop a CNC pumpkin-carving process that can be employed to expose high-school students to industrial manufacturing and CAD/CAM activities. With any luck we will inspire some minds!

Step One: Import your favourite image into Mastercam with Mastercam's Art functions. Translate the brightness of each pixel to a depth of a 3D surface. Step Two: Lay down a toolpath on the 3D dragon surface. There are many different types of toolpaths but we used a zigzag strategy. Step Three: Project the toolpath onto a 3D surface model of the Pumpkin's surface. The surface can be generated by taking 16 points across the side of the pumpkin that will be carve. Step Four: Send the operation to your CNC machine and let'er rip! The kids can watch as their drawing/images are replicated onto the surface of a pumpkin! This process will never completely replace hand-carving jack-o-lanterns. Still, we think this process is a great way to get your kids interested in manufacturing! Happy Halloween from us at CAMufacturing Solutions!

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