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The All-Encompassing FEF Logo Design


The Foundry Education Foundation, or FEF for short, is an organization that promotes the metal casting industry by supporting unique partnerships among students, educators and industry,helping today's students become tomorrow's leaders. In preparation for a visit from FEF officials to the University of Windsor (Dr. Jerry Sokolowski's lab), we made an FEF plaque. We used the FEF logo, University of Windsor logo, the Ontario provincial logo, and designed a swoopy Maple Leaf to represent Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A combination of the Mastercam ART and surface machining software was used to convert the raster logos to vector data, and generate the tool paths.

Mastercam FEF Logo

After hanging a Dremel tool on the CNC machine, the pattern was cut out of an oak board. The parts were cast at Nemak Canada, and voila - we have castings! You can even see the wood grain. This adds authenticity.

FEF Logo Wood FEF Logo Metal
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