Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use APlus without Mastercam?

APlus is currently only available for use with Mastercam as an additive manufacturing toolpath generation and simulation add-on. You must have Mastercam to use APlus.

To find out how to license Mastercam and APlus as a package, please talk to your local Mastercam reseller.

Can APlus be customized for specific machines and applications?

APlus is designed to be flexible and highly customizable.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and users can contact CAMufacturing Solutions to discuss the scope of customization and an estimate for the development work.

What product level of Mastercam do I need to run APlus?

APlus works with Mastercam Mill, Lathe, and Router at all levels except for Entry.

APlus does not work with Mastercam Design, Home Learning Edition, Wire and Mastercam for Solidworks.

Mastercam Multi-axis is not required even for multi-axis APlus toolpaths.

What do I need for a post-processor?

Post-processors for many popular additive and hybrid manufacturing machine tools and robotic systems are available. If you have a machine for which a post-processor hasn’t been developed, our partners can create one on a quote-by-application basis.

Postability, In-House Solutions, and Robotmaster have all developed post-processors for our application. Documentation will be provided so OEMs and resellers can do post-processor modifications once they are comfortable with the technology.

Does my APlus license expire?

Your perpetual Aplus license does not expire. However, software updates, including but not limited to bug fixes and compatibility with newer versions of Mastercam can only be accessed with a valid APlus Maintenance.

What is APlus Maintenance?

APlus Maintenance is purchased with a perpetual APlus license. After the first year, it can be purchased annually to ensure users can continue to access the below benefits:

  • Technical support including toolpaths strategies and options
  • Software releases and updates with bug fixes, new features and compatibility with Mastercam updates
  • Fast turnaround times for support
  • No hourly rates

Beyond that initial year, APlus Maintenance can be purchased annually to ensure users can continue accessing the above benefits.

Users with lapsed APlus Maintenance are required to catch up on maintenance in order to make their APlus Maintenance current.

Is there an educational license discount for APlus?

Educational institutes that wish to license APlus for strictly teaching purposes may receive an educational license discount.

There is no difference in form and function between industrial and educational licenses. The discount also applies to APlus Maintenance.

A good rule of thumb – if your Mastercam is educational, APlus is educational.

Is there a subscription license for Aplus?

Annual subscription licenses are available, and each renewal comes with the peace of mind and benefit of APlus Maintenance.

Where can I find training for APlus?

Training is CURRENTLY conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams web meeting due to COVID restrictions. We look forward to conducting in-person training again in the near future.

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